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UTV Tech Release Under the Seat Utility Box for Yamaha Rhino SxS

Rhino Under Seat Utility Box

UTV Tech Utility Box for the Rhino SxS

Idaho Falls, ID (10/25/2008) - UTV Tech has released its new Under Seat Lock box designed to provide a secure concealed box that is fasten in underneath the driver's seat of the Yamaha Rhino 660 and 700. The steel powder coated water-resistant box offers high security with it double bitted lock. When locked there isn't any access to mounting hardware. It offers 1035 cubic inches of storage and has an internal bar for belt clips to hold phones and/or pistol holsters.

Suggested retail $295.00

UTV Side X Side Parts Logo
3200 S. Yellowstone Hwy.
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
Phone 208-522-1301
Fax 208-522-0855

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