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Suzuki Looks Back on 25 Years of ATV Success

1985 Suzuki QuadSport LT230: The First QUADSPORT!
1985 Suzuki LT230 QuadSport ATV

1987 Suzuki LT230 QuadSport

Known as the little brother of the LT-250R, the Suzuki QuadSport LT230 delivered a thrilling ride for the ATV rider whose riding environments varied from the track to the woods and open desert.

Powered by a four-stroke 230cc single-cylinder engine, the LT230 used a five-speed transmission with manual clutch and reverse. At just 298 pounds, this lightweight quad was a sporty blast to ride. Double A-frame front suspension provided 6.3 inches of long wheel travel. The LT-230 QuadSport had a retail price of $1,969.

1987 Suzuki LT4WD: A 4WD That Reaches New Heights
1987 Suzuki LT4WD Utility ATV

1987 Suzuki LT4WD Utility ATV

“Tackle the tough terrain in four-wheel drive, or switch easily to two-wheel drive using the dash mounted lever and discover what it can really do. The front differential can even be locked when in super low range for extra traction on snow, mud and ice”.

Suzuki lived up to this ad copy. The LT-4WD was able to give off-road enthusiast the ability to explore new limits on the trails or around the farm. The LT-4WD was the beginning of the sport-utility ATV at Suzuki. The LT-4WD had a retail price of $3298.00.

1987 Suzuki LT500R: The Off-Road Performance King
1987 Suzuki LT500R ATV "Quadzilla"

1987 Suzuki LT500R ATV "Quadzilla"

“You glance into your competitor’s eyes and see concentration and concern. But you smile with confidence. Because you’re on the Suzuki LT500R. Almost 500cc of muscle ready to lead ahead of the pack.” That’s how the brochure introduced the 1987 Suzuki LT500R. This was the meanest and most aggressive big bore sport ATV of its time. If you were on the track, sand dunes, or woods, the LT500R was always in front of the pack.

The Suzuki LT500R - also known as “Quadzilla” - was powered by a high-performance two-stroke, water cooled, 499.5cc engine with “Suzuki Automatic Exhaust Control.” Suzuki performance features included a full reed-valve intake system, close ratio five-speed transmission, double A-frame front suspension with 9.1 inches wheel travel, four rebound damping adjustments and Full Floater rear suspension. The LT-500R had a retail price of $3,299.00.

1991 Suzuki KingQuad: The Birth of the KingQuad
1991 Suzuki KingQuad ATV

1991 Suzuki KingQuad ATV

“Suzuki has built upon well-engineered versatility and no-nonsense, balanced design of the popular Quadrunner 4WD with all its features and more, making the KingQuad the biggest and most powerful utility Quadrunner yet.” Since the inception of the Suzuki KingQuad, sport and utility have been incorporated into the design and engineering of every KingQuad ATV.

The versatile 1991 KingQuad featured a 280cc single cylinder 4-stroke engine, standard oil cooler and new 24-inch front and 25-inch rear tires. What really set this KingQuad apart from the crowd was its unique transmission that made it the hardest-working ATV available. This Suzuki’s transmission had High, Low and Super Low gear options for all its five speeds plus reverse. The rider could also select two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or four-wheel drive with a locked from differential. Add fully independent suspension front and rear, and this quad could handle any job. The KingQuad had a retail price of retail $4,699.

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