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Star Performance WPSA ATV Team Signs Jeremy Houle

Hutchinson, MN (5/17/2007) - Team Star Performance, Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of Jeremy Houle of Speedwerx as position of Team Manager. Anyone involved with racing is familiar with the name Speedwerx and the Houle’s have been on the cutting edge providing custom engines, clutch’s, clutch setups, not to mention the race knowledge they have been providing the industry for many years. The shareholders of Star Performance have expressed there was only one missing piece of the puzzle, we have great product, top athletes all we needed to compliment this program was a leader behind the scenes.

The WPSA ATV race circuit is very exciting racing and competitive ATV race series which will be broadcast to the world via ESPN2 check for full television details....

The Star Performance team would like to thank the support of Arctic Cat and Arctic Cat Lubricants, Jacks Links, Fly Racing, Western Power Sports, Dunlop, Tire balls, Precision steering, Douglas Wheel, Twin Air, Rath Racing, Rox/Driven Products, Spy, Simpsons, Premium Fit, Hindle, Arvide Meritor, Ride FX, Speedwerx

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