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"Outta Control" Indianapolis Colt Super Bowl Championship Theme
Suzuki LT-R450 Unveiled at Indy Dealer Expo

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Quinn Michael & his team finishing up the Colts Super Bowl Theme Suzuki LT-R450 QuadRacer
Indianapolis, IN (2/17/2007) - Amazingly, this project began well before the Super Bowl or even the first game of the NFL season. Quinn Michael secured the LT-R450 for his latest creation at the Indy Show in 2006. After meeting with Indianapolis Coach, Tony Dungy this past September, it was decided on an Indianapolis Colts Theme since the Dealer Expo is held in Indy at the Colts RCA Dome, but no one could have ever imagined a Super Bowl win was on the horizon, which makes his latest creation even more special.

The main purpose for building this master piece was to raise money for the Break Away Outreach Program, which caters to troubled teens in juvenile detention centers. Tony Dungy has been a huge promoter of the ministries outreach program in hopes of reaching out to the troubled teens and making a difference in their lives. Coach Dungy experienced his greatest pain when he lost his 18 year-old son, James, in December of 2005 from an apparent suicide, and he has been a crusade ever since to help other troubled teens.

Quinn Michaels has also been very active in reaching out to troubled teens through his stunt shows and spreading the word of Jesus Christ, which was common link between Michael and Dungy in building this latest “Outta Control” ATV.

The “Outta Control” Colts Super Bowl Suzuki LT-R450 will be on display at the Indy Show all weekend after its unveiling, and then it will go on the road for a Florida tour at region juvenile centers in Tampa and Ocala from March 5-7th with more locations and dates yet to be released.

The future of the ATV is still up in the air as it may be auctioned to raise money, or acquired by the Indianapolis Colts as a show piece to commemorate their Super Bowl win.

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