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Lazer Star Lights

Lazer Star LED Lightbar Kits for Sport ATVs
Lazer Star’s LX LED Series Light Bars

Paso Robles, CA (6/27/2014) - Lazer Star Lights is now offering five different handlebar mounting options for ATV applications in the LX LED ATV Handelbar Kits. ATV riders can now install Lazer Star’s LX LED series light bars on most sport ATV applications in a variety of configurations.Whether your ATV is headed to an endurance race, a nighttime race series, or you’re just looking for some after hours fun, Lazer Star’s LX LED Handlebar Kits will light the way so you can ride with confidence. Lazer Star Lights LX LED handlebar kits fit most sport ATV models, including those with a stock stator.

Lazer Star ATV Lights
Lazer Star Lights offers multiple mounting configurations with their LX LED ATV Handlebar Kits

These kits are available with five bracket options and four LX LED lights to choose from. A mounting adaptors is also offered to allow for multiple lights to be installed to a single bracket. Now sport ATV riders and racers can equip their bikes with high-powered illumination.

Lazer Star LED Light Bar
Lazer Star Lights LX LED ATV Handlebar Kits are available in various configurations. Pictured here is the 10" Discovery 10-watt LED light bar with 2.5" Drop Bracket.

 Click here to see the full lineup of Lazer Star’s LX LED ATV Handlebar Kits. Kits can also be customized by mixing and matching The LX LED Handlebar Kits are available with the following bracket, light and adaptor options:

LX LED ATV Handlebar Kit Lighting Options LX LED ATV Kit Bracket Options
  • 10 Inch Discovery 10-watt Spot 4 LED light bar
  • 4 Inch Discovery 10-watt Spot 2 LED light bar (comes in pair with mounting adaptor)
  • 8 Inch Endeavour 3-watt Spot 12 LED light bar
  • 10 Inch Atlantis 3-watt Spot 8 LED light bar
  • 0.0” Drop Bracket
  • 1” Drop Bracket
  • 1” Drop Bracket Yamaha*
  • 2.5” Drop Bracket
  • 4” Drop Bracket

*Special narrow 1” Drop Bracket available for early model Yamaha applications

Lazer Star ATV Lights
Lazer Star Lights LX LED ATV Handlebar Kit pictured here with the 4" Discovery 10-watt LED pair, 1" Drop Bracket and mounting adaptor

Features include:

  • 50,000 hour life rating with limited lifetime warranty
  • Cree(R) X-Lamp Series LED technology means maximum illumination with minimal power consumption
  • IP68 rating means lights are dust tight and are submersible up to 50 feet
  • Aluminum housing and polycarbonate lenses make these lights very durable
  • Kits include choice of LX LED light bar and choice of handlebar bracket
  • Brackets, lights and adaptors also available individually for custom kit creation

Get select ATV Handlebar Kits and more from Lazer Star Lights from your Parts Unlimited dealer.

To see a complete lineup of Lazer Star’s LX LED ATV Handlebar Kits click here. Lazer Star Lights LX LED ATV Handlebar Kits are available direct from or through Lazer Star Lights dealers. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates and promotions.

About Laser Star:
Lazer Star was founded in 1992 and is a family-owned and operated company. It started out to support the Scott’s family hobby, riding sand dunes. Vice President Ron Scott launched his father Pat’s idea with little more than a magazine ad and a desk in the corner: the 50-watt bullet-style light was the first product made, and the line naturally evolved from there to include over 300 variations.

In 2003, Lazer Star broke off from the parent company. As of June of 2008 the company has been located in Paso Robles, Calif., a place where the family had vacationed for 40 years. Since then, they have continued to grow and have expanded their product line. The newest expansion is with the LED light bar line, which showcases the latest in lighting technology. They have also expanded their staff and in January 2012, teamed up with R&R Marketing Consultants, Inc. Lazer Star is looking forward to an exciting and prosperous year with this new team of established salespeople.

Lazer Star

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