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The GBC Motorsports Heartland Challenge Moves to Carlisle, Iowa

Carlisle, IA (9/11/2008) - The GBC Motorsports Heartland Challenge, presented by PIAA, announces a change in venue for the 1st Annual event scheduled for November 7-8, 2008

The GBC Motorsports Heartland Challenge was originally going to be held in Montezuma, IA at Fun Valley Motocross Park, but after an overwhelming response from racers and sponsors, it was feared the Fun Valley location wouldn’t have enough parking for the event, so the GBC Motosports Heartland Challenge will now be held in Carlisle, IA, which is a suburb located just southeast of the capital city of Des Moines.

To our delight, the Fun Valley crew will still be assisting with the event at the new Carlisle, IA location and making the trek to Carlisle to assist in making this race a success.

The new location offers plenty benefits including more hotels, restaurants, and easier access to the Des Moines International Airport, all of which are located within 12 miles of the track. In addition, the Carlisle facility is just a quarter mile off of a four lane road, which makes access much easier for big vehicles and trailers. The facility is also easy to get to from just about anywhere by Interstate 80 and Interstate 35.

The Carlisle and Des Moines community has been very active in assisting with the GBC Heartland Challenge, and with the support of the communities around this race, it will truly make everyone feel right at home.

In addition to the location change, the GBC Motorsports Heartland Challenge is also pleased to announce that our online registration is now up and running! To register, simply go to the GBC Motorsports Heartland Challenge website at to download the entry form.

We at the GBC Motorsports Heartland Challenge are thrilled to see the excitement and commitment in our community and look forward to the opportunity to welcome everyone to the GBC Motorsports Heartland Challenge at its new location in Carlisle, IA on November 7-8, 2008.

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