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H-Bomb Films "Huevos 10" and "National Born Killers" Teasers

National Born Killers Teaser
Windows Media File(WMV) 10.0MB
Fallbrook, CA (8/30/2007) - The biggest name in ATV entertainment has returned with its highly anticipated Huevos 10 ATV DVD. This time around, however, the tenth installment of the Huevos series does not land alone: 14 Races, 28 Motos, One Champion, and one action packed DVD that captures a national fight to the finish among pro ATV racers to see which who makes it to the top. "National Born Killers" is a documentary that follows the worlds top racers around the US to capture the hardships and difficulties each rider must overcome in order to win. Your one-way ticket into the lives of the pros which work so hard doing what they love. is proud to be the first to present you with the first ever sneak peak at what might be one of the most exciting ATV Racing Documentaries ever.

Huevos 10 Teaser
Windows Media File(WMV) 6.7MB
Huevos 10, the soon to be released episode of the longest running and most successful ATV series is sure not to disappoint. Wes Miller once again presents us with his amazing use of super-slow motion camera work as well as his wonderful use of color and exciting angles to capture the excitement of ATV riding. The Huevos series has a long history for being the number one ATV DVD series, having won awards and the loyalty of its fans. Check out the teaser for Huevos 10.

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