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Falicon Releases 565cc YFZ450 “Minotaur” Stroker Crankshaft Kit

Clearwater, FL (9/15/2007) - From the makers of the 513/ 534cc YFZ- 450 “Clawhammer” and 513/ 535 TRX- 450R “Desert Rat,”

Falicon now offers the 565cc YFZ- 450 “Minotaur.”

Upgrade your YFZ- 450 with a 72mm billet stroker crank and 100mm Ice Cube to annihilate the competition!

This kit improves the horsepower, mid-range, and overall powerband.

All kits are supplied with the necessary hardware for professional installation. (minor case/ balancer modification required)

  • 72mm billet stroker crank with Knife ® rod
  • 100mm tall Ice Cube billet cylinder
  • 100mm CP high-compression piston (optimal valve pockets)
  • Long-rod installation components

For more information please visit or call 727.797.2468
1115 Old Coachman Road
Clearwater, FL 33765

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