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Dragonfire UTV Parts and Accessories News

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Dragonfire Racing's New Polaris Ranger RZR UTV Parts
Replacement Hubs, Front Roller Cage, and 6 over Sway Bar

Ranger RZR UTV Replacement Hubs

Ranger RZR UTV Replacement Hubs

Mesa, AZ (6/19/2008) - Dragonfire, a company who specializes in Performance Side X Side's, has released several new items ready for the Polaris Ranger RZR UTV.

RZR Factory Replacement Hubs
Designed to handle the lateral impacts and side hits that happen in racing. These factory replacement hubs are made from 6061 and are a direct bolt-on replacement. Don’t lose a race or be stranded again.

Price: $799.00

RZR Front Roller Cage
RZR Front Roller Cage is a replacement carrier for the front differential. This is factory replacement part that is used either to prevent front differential failure, or to fix a broken front differential. The factory cage is the first thing that fails on the front differential when there is excess wheel spin, then instant traction. The billet cage took 6 months to develop and is a necessity for people who want to drive hard and play all weekend long. Tell your dealer you want a DragonFire Racing Front Roller Cage.

Price: $399.00

RZR UTV Roller Cage Ranger RZR UTV Sway Bar

Ranger RZR UTV Roller Cage

Ranger RZR UTV 6 over Sway Bar

RZR 6 Over Sway Bar
This sway bar mounts to our existing 6 Over Race Kit. It is designed for short course racing with high-speed corners. It is fully removable, allowing you to tune your chassis to each and every racing application.

Price: $1,200.00

Dragonfire UTV Parts logo small
2330 W. Broadway Rd, #112
Mesa, AZ 85202
(800) 708-9803

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