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DeRisi Racing ATV Shock Test & Tune in Greenbrier, Arkansas
Get Your Shocks Setup by Former GNCC Pro ATV Racer Santo DeRisi

Casar, NC (8/25/2012) - DeRisi Racing is excited to announce the next location for its traveling Test and Tune sessions. Hometown ATV & More Racing in Greenbrier, Arkansas will be hosting the sessions on September 6-9th. This is your chance to have your quad setup by former Pro Racer, Santo DeRisi, who is one of the most experienced suspension techs in the ATV industry.

Price is $350 for conventional shocks, and $400 for air shocks. This includes servicing of your shocks as well as testing and tuning to meet your specific needs.

Limited space is available, so reserve your spot today. Contact Santo DeRisi at 704-538-3512 or Chad Edwards 501-679-6676. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a step above the competition as we head back into the racing season!

Also, if you are interested in booking a Test and Tune session in your area, please call Santo or email

About DeRisi Racing Inc.:
DeRisi Racing, Inc is a North Carolina company specializing in suspension modification and the development of essential race components. DeRisi Racing Inc was established in 1999 by Santo DeRisi who is also a GNCC Pro Veteran. Since its beginning DeRisi Racing Inc has become one of the most recognized names in the ATV Industry.

DeRisi Racing Inc. Circle Logo
418 Moriah Church Rd.
Casar, NC 28020

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