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Bykas Fun Sports ATV Parts News

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Bykas Fun Sports' Rim Spins ATV Wheel Protectors

Rim Spins ATV Wheel Protectors

Rim Spins ATV Wheel Protectors

Gladstone, OR (3/27/2008) - Bykas Enterprises Inc. has managed to develop a system of customization and protection at the same time for ATV rims. Until now, worn out and paint-chipped rims could only be remedied by dropping money on replacement rims that everyone else has especially when your tires still have good tread. Rim Spins cover up those old beat-up rims or protect brand new ones. Not to mention these beauties add a splash of color and style to your rims, and give any ATV that custom look. With 5 designs and 6 color combos or all black, you can be quite sure no other ATV on the trails will look exactly like yours. Best of all, Rim Spins take only minutes to install and fit snuggly around your rim bead and provide a clean custom look. For more information on Bykas, their excellent products, or to place an order visit

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