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ATV Pro Challenge

Phil Oppen Accepts Invitation to 2013 ATV Pro Challenge
ATV & SxS / UTV Motocross Racing

Kemp, TX (9/24/2013) - After winning the 2013 Quadcross Northwest championship, Phil Oppen plans to journey from Northwest Oregon to Kemp, Texas in order to compete with the best of the best at the 2013 ATV Pro Challenge in Memory of Caleb Moore. "I'm honored to get an invitation," says Oppen, "I look forward to racing in Texas and I hope I do well."  Oppen  earned a championship title in the Pro Production class this year in the Northwest's premier MX series and has been hard at work to prepare himself and his bikes for the next challenge. Expecting the field to be full of talent and riders wanting to win,Oppen has taken extra care in preparing his TRX450 race and practice bikes for the Pro Challenge.

Phil Oopen - Honda 450R ATV
Quadcross Northwest Champion Phil Oopen grabbed almost every holeshot

Oppen had a great season racing Quadcross Northwest, earning a holeshot almost every moto and winning several overalls throughout the season. After placing second in the inaugural season last year, Oppen went to work in the off-season to come back in 2013 stronger and faster. His hard work paid off at the final round, which took place at scenic Washougal, where he took the second moto win for the overall and the Pro Production title for the year. When not working, Oppen is focused on racing and planned to spend the off season fine tuning his program for the 2014 season. After receiving the invite for the Pro Challenge, his off-season plans changed slightly and his focused shifted to this race only a few weeks away. "This is a great opportunity for me," Oppen explained, "and I can't thank my sponsors and my family enough for helping me get into this position." 

The 2013 ATV Pro Challenge will take place October 4-6 at Underground MX Park in Kemp, TX. The invite-only race will honor Caleb Moore this year, and riders from across the United States are expected to compete.

Phil Oppen would like to thank the following companies for their continued support:
EIB Construction, Lyons Technical Machining,, Walsh Race Craft,Elka Suspension, DWT, Braking, EVS, Scott, Hinson Clutch Components, Rocket Exhaust, Engine Ice, TokyoMods, Pro Taper, Powersport Grafx, Pro Armor, Vertex Pistons, Hot Rods, Hot Cams, Pivot Works, and Cylinder Works

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ATV Pro Challenge

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