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ATV Pro Challenge

Jeffrey Rastrelli Accepts Invitation to 2013 ATV Pro Challenge
ATV & SxS / UTV Motocross Racing

Kemp, TX (9/24/2013) - Jeffrey Rastrelli has received the invitation and is excited to announce that he will be attending the 2013 ATV Pro Challenge in memory of Caleb Moore.  This is the biggest ATV race known to date and will take place at Underground MX in Kemp, Texas on October 4-6, 2013.

Jeffrey's goals for the Challenge are to finish in the top five in each event, prove his abilities and leave everything on the track.  He has been training rigorously for this race and is ecstatic to take place in such a monumental event in ATV history.

In the 2013 season of the Mountain Dew ATV MX National Championship, Jeffrey finished 8th overall in points in the Pro Class and would like to thank all of the following sponsors for helping him get to where he is today: Mom, Dad, JB Racing, Cheerwine, Can-Am, Makson Construction, ITP Tires, SSI Decals, PEP, Fly Gear, FMF, Rath Racing, PowerMadd, RPM, VP Racing Fuels, Motul, Outerwears,  Hinson Clutch Components, Sandridge, Baldwin Motorsports, Rastrelli Land Grading, Guyer the Mover, DP Brakes, Renthal, Twin Air, DWT, 88 Live to Ride Foundation, Precision, Lloyd Concrete, XPS Next Generation Lubricants.

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ATV Pro Challenge

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