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12 Hours of La Tuque

12 Hours of La Tuque Endurance Race
Canada's Largest Off-Road Endurance Race

La Tuqe Quebec, Canada (3/11/2014) - The 12 Hours of La Tuque Endurance Race is Canada’s biggest off-road competition. Considered to be a major ATV competition in North America, even in the whole world, comparing with legendary events like Mexico’s Baja 1000 and France’s Pont-de-Vaux.

The 2013 edition of the 12 Hours of La Tuque welcomed 32,000 visitors who came to enjoy the races, shows and expositions.

12 Hours of La Tuque
12 Hours of La Tuque is Canada's largest off-road race that features ATV, SxS, motorcycle, & trail bike racing as well as concerts and demos

Established in 2002, the 12 Hours of La Tuque will be presenting the 12th edition on May 15-18, 2014. Hosted on the Gilles-Brabant circuit in La Tuque (QUEBEC), located in the Haute-Mauricie region.

The quad competition is presented in 3 4-hours heats, including a night heat. The circuit is very testing for the racers as well as the machines. In 2013, there was literally a small town of 1,500 participants in the paddocks.

In 2013 the winning team in the ATV race was Mathieu Deroy, Bobby Desjardins and Keven Vachon on CanAm/Elka. In the SxS race the Can-Am / X Team who took top honors.

More than 390 off-road motorcycle racers competed in trails, tracks and woods last year, in a multiple class Endurocross event. This year, the event is expected to have between 400 and 500 racers. There will also be a trial competition; the track is crafted with a lot of artificial obstacles.

In addition to all the racing events, there will also be many concerts, exhibitors on hand, concessions, and pit bike demonstrations.

The event generated around $3,307,000 in benefits for the city La Tuque and the Haut-Saint-Maurice region. The event is presented by a non-profit organization conducted by 6 voluntary directors and 2 permanent employees. In 2013, 150 VOLUNTEERS got actively involved in the event.

12 Hours of La Tuque

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