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Yamaha ATV Model Information

Yamaha 2009 ATV UTV Model Preview

2009 Yamaha Grizzly 700 4x4 ATV Model Preview

Yamaha Grizzly 700 Links
Grizzly 700 FI ATV
2009 Grizzly's are now available in Black Metallic
The Grizzly 700, the flag ship and inspiration for the new Grizzly 550 FI has undergone a few changes for the 2009 season as well. The Grizzly 700 still incorporates its electric power steering along with a powerful 686cc motor, which brings unmatched performance from a full-sized utility ATV.

The Grizzly 700 uses “Wide Arc” suspension, which makes it a full 5 inches wider and offers more stability all around and gives more usable ground clearance. The lower shock mount locations also help provide stability and improved handling.

Grizzly 700 FI ATV
Grizzly 700 FI ATV
The Grizzly 700's "Wide Arc" front A-Arms provide a more usable ground clearance with the shocks mounted to the lower A-arms front & rear for better handling
The A-Arm guards have been updated for 2009 on the Grizzly models and stronger polyethylene CV boot material is used as well for greater durability

Yamaha also listened to consumers and redesigned the thumb throttle. The lever is now more ergonomically correct to allow for more control, better feel, and less fatigue. The 2009 model still includes the handlebar mounted “On-Command” push button 2wd/4wd/diff lock, which is easy to use, and even with the differential lock engaged, the electric power steering makes for easy steering and control.

Yamaha Grizzly 700 FI ATV Thumb Throttle
Grizzly 700 FI ATV Gate Style Shifter
For 2009, the thumb throttle has been reshaped for improved feel & less fatigue on long rides
Improved left hand gate style shifter with new ratio's for easier engagement & operation

The 2009 Grizzly 700 will also be featured in the standard dark green and the new eye-catching metallic black. The grizzly also comes with what seems to be endless amounts of add-on’s and Genuine Yamaha accessories that are equipped with Yamaha’s “SecureMount” system. With all the effort put behind this machine, it’s no wonder why it is the #1 selling big bore utility ATV.

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