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2008 Honda ATV Model Information

2008 Honda TRX450R/TRX450ER Performance Sport ATV

Available in manual- and electric-start versions, the mighty TRX450R has won races in virtually every ATV racing arena as well as three victories in the grueling wilds of the Baja 1000.


New for 2008
  • New Black/Blue color joins White and Red on the TRX450ER

Red 2008 TRX450ER Sport ATV   white 2008 TRX450ER Sport ATV   2008 TRX450ER Sport ATV blue

2008 TRX450ER Sport ATV

2008 TRX450ER Sport ATV

2008 TRX450ER Sport ATV

Honda TRX450R ATV Engine/Drivetrain

  • High-Performance Unicam® cylinder head design (see Technology Section)
  • Compact, lightweight engine designed specifically for ATV usage is worthy of its CRF® heritage.
  • Electric-start version features an electric starter that drives the clutch side of the crankshaft to provide superior lubrication of starter gears and to produce a narrow engine with a short, strong crankshaft.
  • Lightweight, compact, internal auto decompressor provides superb cold-starting and hot-starting operation.
  • Kickstart version incorporates ATV-type forward kickstarting for ease of starting and light weight.
  • Crankshaft is made of high-strength, low-carbon steel with carburized main journals for maximum durability at sustained high-rpm operation.
  • Cylinder-head cover is made of magnesium to reduce engine weight.
  • Forged three-ring 12.0:1 compression slipper piston is lighter than a conventional design, revving quickly while maintaining excellent cylinder sealing and high-rpm power.
  • Maximum engine rpm is 9850.
  • Double-carburized connecting rod utilizes a big-end needle bearing for maximum high-rpm performance and durability.
  • Nikasil cylinder lining is lightweight and provides cooler and quieter operation for extended engine life.
  • Press-fitted steel spark plug pipe fits between forked exhaust rocker arms, further contributing to compact cylinder-head design.
  • 40mm Keihin FCR-type carburetor features four rollers on the flat slide, resulting in very light throttle effort, smooth operation, crisp throttle response and excellent rideability.
  • Carburetor features a throttle position sensor (TPS) that helps maintain linear response throughout the rpm range.
  • Twin-sump lubrication system separates the oil supply for the crankshaft, piston and valve train from the clutch and transmission. This ensures a cool supply of oil to the clutch, eliminates clutch and transmission material contamination to the engine oil and reduces the amount of circulating oil and the required size of the oil pump.
  • Vertically split crankcases feature a built-in oil pump, reducing weight compared to a conventional design.
  • Left-side countershaft bearing and axle carrier feature double-row bearings for added durability.
  • Exhaust system uses a lightweight, stainless steel header and muffler.
  • Exhaust system and free-flowing muffler increase performance while maintaining low noise levels.
  • Radiator is lighter weight and has revised fin pitch for improved airflow in all riding conditions.
  • Compact, flat radiator fan is lightweight and provides efficient cooling.
  • Gear-driven balancer reduces vibration and drives the water pump. Eight clutch plates provide the surface area necessary to handle the engine's massive torque.
  • Durable five-speed transmission with low ratios designed to match engine power characteristics.
  • Transmission ratios designed for racing applications and trail use.

Honda TRX450ER ATV Chassis/Suspension

  • Rider's position features low handlebar, seat and footpegs for improved center of gravity and rider feel.
  • Round-tube steel frame with removable aluminum subframe is lightweight and durable.
  • One-piece cast-aluminum swingarm for light weight, maximum strength and durability.
  • Independent double-wishbone, double A-arm front suspension with fully adjustable Showa shocks provide 8.4 inches of travel, and features rear-facing reservoirs for increased durability.
  • Pro-Link(R) rear suspension with fully adjustable Showa piggyback shock provides 9.3 inches of travel.
  • Dual 174mm front disc brakes with twin-piston calipers and high-pressure front brake lines provide excellent stopping power.
  • 190mm rear disc and beefy single-piston caliper provide improved stopping power and increased ground clearance.
  • Aluminum brake calipers and brackets front and rear reduce weight.
  • Removable aluminum rear grabrail and front bumper for reduced weight.
  • Lightweight aluminum wheels reduce unsprung weight for outstanding handling.
  • Dunlop radial tires provide superb traction and cornering ability.
  • Durable and lightweight O-ring- sealed drive chain.

Additional Features
  • Throttle lever and carburetor feature full-closed detection system.
  • Engine design meets California Air Resources Board (CARB) off-road emissions standards.
  • Convenient oil-level window allows for at-a-glance oil check.
  • Long, narrow seat is designed for superior comfort and performance in all operating conditions. Saddle is also easy to remove for convenient access to the air filter.
  • Large air filter allows maximum airflow for maximum engine power.
  • Airbox designed for improved airflow and increased power.
  • Adjustable dual headlights with 30w bulbs and improved reflectors for excellent visibility and distinctive appearance.
  • Headlight shape for race-derived look.
  • Pivot-access brake calipers for easy pad replacement.
  • Engine cases protected by high-impact plastic skid-plate.
  • LED tail/brakelight to shed weight and add an aggressive appearance.
  • CRF-style clutch and front brake lever.
  • Wide footpegs for improved rider control.
  • Aluminum shift and brake pedals.
  • CRF-type handlebar grips.
  • Honda Racing(TM)-inspired colors and graphics.
  • Optional HRC Racing Kit available.
  • Transferable one-year limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan.

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