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Honda ATV History Timeline

Honda ATV & Motorcycles

Looking Back: 1988 Honda FourTrax 300 and 300 4x4 ATV's

Honda 1988 FourTrax 300 4x4 ATV

1988 FourTrax 300 (TRX300)
Honda introduces a totally new 282cc four-stroke-powered ATV that is 42 pounds lighter than the popular TRX250 it replaces. The new 300 uses McPherson® strut front suspension to deliver a plush ride and a tight turning radius.

1988 FourTrax 300 4x4 (TRX300FW)
Honda adds full-time four-wheel drive, double-wishbone front suspension and a limited-slip front differential to the FourTrax 300 to produce the best-selling ATV of all time. The FourTrax 300 series of 2WD and 4WD ATVs enjoys an incredible production run through the 2000 model year, selling a combined total of more than 530,000 units.

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1987 FourTrax 250X
1988 FourTrax 300

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