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2008 Honda ATV Model Information

2013 Honda TRX Sport ATV & Big Red 700 MUV / SxS Model Lineup
Honda TRX 450R, TRX 400X, TRX 250X, & Big Red 700 MUV / SxS Models

2013 Sport ATVs | 2013 Utility ATVs

2013 Honda TRX450R/TRX450ER ATV

By winning races in virtually every form of ATV racing as well as racking up a string of exciting victories in the grueling Baja 1000, the Honda TRX 450R ATV has rightfully earned a place far above all others in its class. At the same time, this race-proven durability makes it a great match for recreational riders as well. So no matter what you may plan for your weekend of riding, you’ll surely find the Honda TRX 450R ATVcomes out as a winner, plain and simple.

2013 Honda TRX400X ATV

2012 Honda TRX 400X ATV Info

Aggressive styling, loads of performance and renowned Honda reliability all combine to give the Honda TRX 400X ATV near-legendary status among the ranks of sport ATVs. Its bulletproof 397cc RFVC (Radial Four-Valve Combustion Chamber) engine has earned its place as one of the all-time great engines by offering both power and durability in spades.

2013 Honda TRX 250X ATV

2012 Honda TRX 250X ATV Info

Aggressive, race-inspired styling gives the fun-to-ride midsized Honda TRX 250X ATV a distinctly sporty look. Yet thanks to its torquey powerplant and Honda’s innovative and easy-to-use SportClutch™ along with other great features, this versatile machine remains a favorite among beginners as well as longtime riders.

2013 Honda TRX 250X ATV

2013 Big Red 700 MUV / SxS Info

The Honda Big Red 700 MUV / SxS has a reputation for being a hard-working machine that’s way ahead of all other options. And that’s a standing it’s earned the old-fashioned way—out in the field, working day in and day out. Multiple patents and numerous automotive-based technology features add to Big Red’s superior handling, secure feel and comfortable ride.

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