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Can-Am ATV Model Information

2013 BRP Can-Am DS 90, DS90X and DS 70 Youth Sport ATV's

Introduction | X-Package | Specifications

ATVs are an ideal way for families to share in their love for off-road riding, exploring and adventure. Riding will help children develop a true passion for motorsports, hone their riding skills and build family memories for years to come. With their kid friendly features, the 2013 Can-Am DS 90, DS 90 X and DS 70 ATVs are designed to offer parents a greater peace-of-mind.

Can-Am youth ATVs feature long-travel suspension, an integrated speed limiter and storage trunk. For 2013, the DS 90 and DS 90 X models now have a 90cc High Output (H.O.) four-stroke powerplant. Designated as Y10 models, both the DS 90 X and DS 90 are suitable for riders 10 and older. The stellar DS 90 X returns with its featured performance upgrades, including Kenda Klaw tires, HPG shocks and the new Yellow, Black and White X package graphics. The DS 70, a model withY6 designation, is appropriate for riders aged six and older.

2013 DS70 Youth ATV
2013 Can-Am DS 90 Youth Sport ATV Side

Can-Am DS 70 Mini S

Can-Am DS 90 Youth S

Can-Am DS 90 & DS 70 Youth Sport ATV's Highlights

  • DS 90 X and DS 90 are Y10 models and are appropriate for riders ages 10 and older
  • DS 70 is Y6, meaning they are appropriate for riders 6 and older
  • Easy-to-operate 90cc or 70cc four-stroke engines
  • Child-specific ergonomics
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) means no shifting; Forward/Neutral/Reverse
  • Long-travel suspension
  • Stylish appearance influenced by Can-Am sport quads
  • Throttle limiter, full floorboards, day lights
  • Pre-load adjustable front-and-rear load adjusters
  • Meets CARB “Green Label” emissions standards
  • DS 90 X package available

Can-Am DS 90 & DS 70 Youth Sport ATV's Key Features

  • Y10 designation for DS 90 X and DS 90 // Both DS 90 models are designated Y10 ATVs, meaning they are appropriate for riders 10 and older. They have an updated H.O. engine and a maximum unrestricted speed of 30 mph (48 km/h).
  • Y6 designation for DS 70 // The Y6-designated DS 70 is intended for riders aged six and older, and offers a maximum unrestricted speed of 15 mph (24 km/h).
  • Automatic CVT transmission with forward, neutral and reverse // Continuously Variable Transmission lets riders focus on the terrain and does not require shifting or a manual clutch
  • Long-travel suspension //Improved ride and control in the bumps.
  • Youth ergonomics // Designed to ergonomically accommodate young riders, these models are outfitted with youth-sized controls and integrated safety features.
  • Can-Am DS-type styling // Emulates full-size Can-Am DS 450 styling, so kids can look as fast as their sport quad heroes and parents.
  • Front storage compartment // Young riders desire convenience as much as adults.
Can-Am DS90 Family ATV Can-Am DS90 ATV DS90 Youth ATV

DS90 ATV Can-Am

Can Am DS 90 Youth ATV DS90 ATV CanAm
  • Day lights // Improves visibility and gives the look of a full-size ATV.
  • Full Floorboards // Offers protection from debris and ensures secure footing in rugged terrain.
  • Classy sport-quad appearance with enough of a stylistic edge to get you noticed.

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