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Can-Am ATV Model Information

2013 BRP Can-Am DS 450X mx Motocross ATV Features

Introduction | Specifications
2013 Can-Am DS 450 EFI ATV

2013 Can-Am DS450 X MX Race ATV

The championship-winning DS 450 X mx returns for 2013 with a new high-grade FOX suspension. FOX Float X EVOL front shocks up front coupled with a premium FOX Podium X piggyback shock in the rear offers improved handling, enhanced control and customizable suspension comfort for a class-leading ride. Whether it’s for recreation or competitive racing, sport ATV riding enthusiasts can dominate the terrain of their choice with the DS 450 X mx and its rider-inspired setup.

The DS 450 X mx is blessed with a superb power-to-weight ratio. Its lightweight and exceptional maneuverability is attributed to the innovative, no-weld ALTEC aluminum frame and a proven Rotax engine. Unmatched performance, precision
handling and almost effortless control play significant roles in the DS 450 thrill-ride composition.

Can-Am DS450 X MX  ATV Front
Can-Am DS450 X MX  ATV Front
2013 Can-Am DS450 X MX Race ATV

Can-Am DS 450 EFI ATV highlights

  • Rotax 4-TEC 450 EFI engine // The Rotax four-stroke engine features the largest piston bore, intake valves and throttle body in its segment. The engine
    also inherits its top end from the tried-and-true Rotax V990 mill found in the Aprilia RSV 1000 R sportbike and mates that with a crankcase, clutch and transmission that are specially produced for off-road performance and use in an ATV. A freeflow design and electronic fuel injection means impressive power is blended with precision throttle control and instantaneous throttle response. No matter the temperature, altitude or riding situation, the DS 450 has the inherent ability to transfer power the ground at every rpm.
  • ALTEC aluminum frame // Outfitted with the industry’s only lock-bolt fastening system instead of welds, the aerospace-grade aluminum chassis
    is as strong as it is lightweight and innovative. The frame’s dual-pyramidal construction — a design proven on BRP’s Ski-Doo REV and REV-XP platforms — was created by computer-optimized technology to offer weight savings without sacrificing durability.
  • Race-inspired radiator grill // Incorporating valuable feedback from its real-world racing development program, Can-Am engineers scalloped the radiator to make it more resistant to mud and debris buildup.
  • R-type double A-arm front suspension // Offering less unsprung weight than competitive models, the R-Type forged aluminum double A-arm front suspension is outfitted with unique inverted dual-piston caliper (on the inside of the disc). This setup not only delivers razor-sharp handling, remarkable bump absorption and confident tracking, but it also reduces wheel scrub and kickback and positions the ball-joints and kingpin axis inside the wheel. The clear-cut result is precision control and self-correcting behavior under
    hard braking.
  • R-Type rear swing arm suspension // A cast-aluminum swingarm with rising-rate linkage and critical weight-saving elements make the R-Type rear end as lightweight as they come. Using an aluminum-bodied rear shock, hollow Chromoly 4140 axle, extended-reach aluminum hubs and aluminum chain sprocket also reduces the overall weight. These parts create a strategically strong, yet lightweight setup that not only reduces unsprung weight but also offers a quick transfer of power, improved traction and
    reduced rider fatigue.
  • Wilwood braking systems // Mounted inside front rotors, the DS 450’s exclusive inverted dual-piston calipers allow for a unique knuckle / spindle /
    A-arm design. Computer-designed, wave-type front-and-rear rotors offer exceptional cooling and enhance all-around handling.
  • Performance wheels and tires // Lightweight and durable aluminum wheels are equipped with a rolled bead and proven ITP Holeshot SR tires. This setup contributes to the machine’s superb power-to-weight ratio as well as its skillful ability to supply traction and transfer power to the ground.

2011 Can-Am DS450X MX ATV Key Features

  • Graphics package // Equipped with the most impressive suspension in the ATV industry, the 2013 DS 450 X mx returns to the lineup motocrossready.
    New this year are premium FOX Float EVOL front shocks and FOX Podium X rear shock.
  • 50-inch width // The DS 450 X mx is purpose built with the ATV motocross racer in mind and saves buyers the hassle of having to purchase aftermarket A-arms. It measures 50 inches (1270 mm) wide thanks to its +2 (51 mm) A-arms, which come stock. It comes out of box with built-in control and stability to enhance the racing experience.
  • Anti-vibe steering stem // Motocross racers love being in control and often feel one with their ATV while competing on the track. The DS 450 X mx
    offers quad racers a familiar setup and comfortable feel with a rubber-mounted anti-vibe steering stem. Combine the +1 (25 mm) stem with the aftermarket-comparable aluminum 6061-T6 taper-profile handlebar and square bar pad and racers should enjoy this race-ready cockpit.
  • Camber- and caster-adjustable front end // Can-Am engineers added a shim-style camber and caster-adjustable front end on the DS 450 X mx to help riders “dial in” the machine for motocross. Each shim represents one-degree of adjustment. Camber is adjustable from 11 degrees to 15
    degrees, while caster is adjustable from 3 degrees to 10 degrees. Ultimate handling and superior control are now literally in the hands of the riders.
  • Race-bred suspension // A fully adjustable and tunable FOX suspension system is found on the 2013 DS 450 X mx. New up front are the FOX Float X EVOL (Gen 2) piggyback shocks. The back end of the Can-Am also was updated with the FOX Podium X piggyback shock. Yes, that’s the same suspension setup used on the DS 450 model used by Motoworks / Can-Am AMA ATV Motocross Champion John “Ironman” Natalie. The front Float EVOL shocks are adjustable for Dual Speed Compression, rebound and feature an infinitely adjustable dual air spring that controls both ride height and bottom-out. They also receive chrome silicone negative spring, a progressive spring rate and piggyback reservoir. The air spring saves up to 6 pounds per shocks vs. spring coil. The no-tools FLOAT X EVOL shocks are simple to adjust and require no tools.

    FOX FLOAT X EVOL Front shocks
    FOX Podium X piggyback shock
    FOX FLOAT X EVOL Front shocks
    FOX Podium X piggyback shock

    The hard-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Podium X shock features DLC-coated shaft for reduced friction and chrome silicon dual and single springs. The race-proven shock also offers adjustments for high- and low-speed compression (dual speed), rebound damping and spring preload.
  • ITP QuadCross MX Pro tires and ITP T-9 wheels // The Can-Am DS 450 X mx is outfitted with an ideal tire-and-wheel setup for motocross. High-performance, 18-inch rear ITP QuadCross MX Pro tires are more than capable of transferring the DS 450 X mx ATV’s power to ground and in a wide variety of soil conditions, from loam to hard-pack dirt. Guiding the Can-Am through corners are 20-inch ITP QuadCross MX Pro tires.Both tires are mounted on black, aluminum ITP T-9 wheels, which boost handling and add to this machine’s precision cornering. The rear 8-inch beadlock wheel includes an inner reinforcement ring and it’s specially designed to handle the rigors of motocross racing.
  • Aluminum nerf bars // Straight from the factory, Can-Am has prepped the DS 450 X mx for you by adding lightweight aluminum nerf bars with
    netted heel guards. The nerf bars are required for racing motocross and are built with you in mind. Adjustable side extensions
    let you customize the width of the nerf bars and they can be easily removed if you so choose.
  • Adjustable-width axle // With four inches of total adjustment for width, the chromoly 4140 axle found in the DS 450 X mx is made for motocross.
    The strong-but-lightweight (hollow) rear axle adjusts from 46 (1168 mm) to 50 inches (1270 mm) with .5-inch (13 mm) spacers and enables riders to set up the Can-Am for their preferred motocross width.
  • Motocross-specific ride height // Ride height can make the world of difference in motocross racing. Straight from the factory, the DS 450 X mx is prepped with a ride height of seven inches (178 mm). This height, along with the ATV being “dialed in” for a 175-pound rider (with gear), gives the DS 450 X mx a lower center of gravity and allows you to rail through the corners with confidence.
Introduction | Specifications

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