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Can-Am ATV Model Information

2011 Can-Am Outlander and Renegade ATV Models

2011 BRP Can-Am Outlander Utility ATV - XT Package
Outlander 800R, 650, 500 ATV XT Model Features


2011 Canam Outlander XT ATV Model

2011 CanAm Outlander XT Package

To start, all XT™ models come standard with the Can-Am DPS power steering system. Starting with that key feature, Can-Am adds popular aftermarket items like: 3,000-pound winch with remote control, XT-specific cast aluminum wheels, Carlisle ACT radial tires, front and rear bumpers, handlebar wind deflectors and more.

2011 Can-Am Outlander ATV - XT Package Features

  • Dual-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) // The Can-Am DPS system has two modes meaning the rider can choose the amount of assist depending on the conditions. Each DPS-equipped model with its dual-mode selectability for the ultimate in rider control depending on the conditions.
  • Visco-Lok QE Front Differential // Progressively transfers power from a slipping front wheel to the gripping one – automatically with no buttons to push or levers to pull. Plus, there’s no wheel hop or driveline wind-up so the system is totally transparent to the driver and extremely easy to steer. Can lock up to 100 percent with no rev or speed limiter. All DPS-equipped models come with the Visco-Lok QE calibration giving an even quicker engagement of the front differential. This differential, unlike some competitor’s differentials, does not have a speed or rev limiter.
  • More Powerful Magneto // The XT package provides a more-powerful magneto with 650 watts of power output.
  • XT-Specific Front & Rear Bumper // These front and rear bumpers are installed at the factory and are completely covered by the factory warranty. The added protection gives piece of mind in rugged conditions.
2011 Can-Am Outlander  XT ATV
2011 Can-Am Outlander  XT ATV
The 2011 Can-Am Outlander XT series come with a exclusive front and rear protective bumpers to keep brush and other debris from damaging the body work and lighting
  • BRP XL 3000 Winch // At 3,000 pounds (1.360 kg) capacity, 500 more pounds (227 kg) than 2007 model. The winch comes complete with a roller fairlead and its remote control stows in front storage compartment.
  • Can-Am Outlander  XT Aluminum wheels
    12" XT Specific Cast-Aluminum Wheels // Lightweight, four twin-spoke design gives an aggressive and premium look to the Outlander.
  • 26" Carlisle ACT Radial Tires // Great lightweight traction. These tires feature a tread pattern that is aggressive enough to tackle the toughest terrain, yet provide a smooth ride. These 4- ply radial tires are designed for premium performance.
  • Wind Deflectors // Premium look and protection from brush, cold
  • Color Options // All XT models come in yellow, red or industry-exclusive NEXT G-1 Vista camouflage.

Can-Am Outlander XT-P ATV Family Features

  • Outlander 800R XT-P EFI - All the benefits of the XT package, but with a premium painted plastic yellow / black finish, mud guards and black XT-P specific cast-aluminum wheels with color-matched inserts.
Can-Am Outlander XT-P ATV
 Can-Am Outlander 800R XT-P 4x4 ATV Rear
Side Can-Am Outlander XTP

Can-Am Outlander 800R XT-P 4x4 ATV - Black & Yellow Painted Bodywork

  • New for 2011 is the painted silver and black option. Available in both the 1-up and MAX platform.
Can-Am Outlander XT-P Silver Black ATV
Outlander XTP Silver Black

Can-Am Outlander 800R XT-P 4x4 ATV - Silver & Black Painted Bodywork available in 1-up or 2-up configurations

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