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Arctic Cat ATV Model Information
Arctic Cat ATV Logo

2008 Arctic Cat 700 H1 EFI 4x4 ATV - The Race Bred Winner


2008 Arctic Cat 700 H1 EFI 4x4 ATV

2008 Arctic Cat 700 H1 EFI 4x4 ATV

New for 2008:
  • Arctic Cat family styling and graphics
  • Arctic Cat-built 700 H1 engine
  • Rubber mounted engine (700 H1 EFI SE)
  • Revised clutch air intake for improved cooling. Flow doubled in volume over 2007. (700 H1 EFI SE)
  • Redesigned air intake box and new rigid airbox reduce sound while increasing low-end torque (700 H1 EFI SE)
  • Improved forward/reverse shifting for positive gear engagement
  • EPA Emissions approved fuel tank and fuel lines
  • SpeedRacks with multiple quick-attach accessory options
  • Redesigned front bumper with new plastic fascia
  • Improved wire routing through steering post and frame
  • Silver Metallic paint (700 H1 EFI SE)
  • Performance-tuned suspension (700 H1 EFI SE)
  • Performance oriented seat design (700 H1 EFI SE)
  • 12” aluminum wheels (700 H1 EFI SE)
  • Front and Rear bumpers (700 H1 EFI SE)
  • Available in Lime Green, Red, Dark Green, Camo and Silver Metallic (700 H1)

700 H1 EFI 4x4 ATV Overview:


If you want a top of the line ATV, you might have to get in line. Performance-minded riders will love our new 2008 Arctic Cat 700 H1 EFI SE. Throw a leg over this Silver Metallic beauty and walking away from the competition will be instant.

On paper the specs may look the same, but where the motors are built and designed, completely different. In 2006 Arctic Cat introduced the first Arctic Cat-built and designed motor, the 650 H1. Since its introduction, the 650 H1 has proven itself as a championship winning powerhouse in the World Powersports Association Quad Terrain racing series. This real world test showed the world that this motor is durable in stock trim, worthy of being deemed, “Race Ready”.

Fast forward to 2008 and the next H1 evolution of hemi-producing power has arrived with EFI. As you can imagine, the new 2008 Arctic Cat 700 H1 EFI has a powerful 695cc, SOHC, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, designed for a wide torque curve with the smoothest power delivery via Electronic Fuel Injection. Cold weather starting and altitude changes are no longer questionable.

The H1’s Performance Chassis:
To start with, the seat has been redesigned and lowered over an inch, combined with a new handlebar design. These changes seem minimal, but once you sit down, you definitely get the feeling of riding “In” the machine instead of “On” it.

The stance and suspension were addressed next with additional ride-in calibration. What is ride-in? When you sit on the 2008 Arctic Cat 700 H1, it will squat roughly 2 inches (depending on rider size) while maintaining Arctic Cat’s class leading 12” of ground clearance and 10” of suspension travel. The lowered ride height and center of gravity aid in optimized cornering and high speed handling.

Going from 2WD to 4WD is as simple as pressing a shift button, while activating the full-lock front differential requires only a flip of a handlebar-mounted lever. A 2-in. “automotive style” receiver hitch, long-range 6.5-gallon fuel tank, digital instrument pod (MPH, odometer, dual trip meters, hour meter, clock and fuel level) and Start-In-Gear capability complete the package.

From the front headlights to the rear brake lights, the 2008 Arctic Cat 700 H1 screams show as well as go. Extra wide fenders add protection on muddy trails. A latch on the seat allows quick access to the handy tool tray below. Arctic Cat puts the power to the trails with a fully-independent front and rear double A-arm suspension. Equipped with preload adjustable shocks and 10-inches of cushy travel, the ground clearance is a best-in-class 12-inches which, coupled with a full-length skid plate, gives riders the confidence needed to venture almost anywhere, over any obstacle.

Other impressive specifications apply to the aesthetics of the new 2008 Arctic Cat 700 H1 EFI SE. One can’t help but notice the vibrant new Silver Metallic painted fenders that can be waxed and buffed. Engine sound shields conceal both engines, direct sound away from the machine and overall improve the sight lines. The new SpeedRacks have a slimmer, body-hugging appearance with 100/200-lb. rack capacities front/rear. To cap off the entire SE package, the new 2008 Arctic Cat 700 H1 is rolling on 12” aluminum wheels wrapped with aggressive 25” tires.


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