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Arctic Cat ATV Model Information
Arctic Cat ATV Logo

2013 Arctic Cat TVX 700 XT Utility ATV Model Info

  2013 Arctic Cat TBX 700 XT Utility ATV   

2013 Arctic Cat TBX 700 XT Utility ATV

2013 Arctic Cat TBX 700 XT Utility ATV Introduction

Load it, haul it, dump it. Challenge work and fun with a new sense of confidence – A confidence provided by power steering. The reward is a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Arctic Cat's Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS) allows steering assistance to the ATV before it even starts to move at idle. This is a huge benefit to conserving the riders input energy when in 4WD, and especially when the differential lock is engaged. Arctic Cat EPS will reduce the torque necessary to steer the ATV when changing direction with loaded racks or navigating tough obstacles like rocks, deep mud or logs.

The variable assist system is driven by an electronic control unit (ECU) that measures steering input force versus tire resistance and vehicle speed then provides appropriate assist to the steering column through an electric motor. The Arctic Cat power steering ECU program is designed to maintain a light steering input effort, but maintains enough feel so you have a better understanding of what the tire contact patch is doing in relation to the terrain. Arctic Cat EPS will keep the rider and the ATV connected which is lost on competitive units after sustained riding.

The rear dump box offers a 300-lb. capacity and has a "pickup style" tailgate latch, plus box tilt latches on both sides of the machine. Handy tie-down attachment points are built directly into the cargo box and TBX frame, and integrated rails accept accessory clampdown fixtures.

Arctic Cat engines have power where it matters: the ground. Arctic Cat H1 engines have more pulling power, more climbing power and more acceleration. Arctic Cat's race proven 700 H1 engine is a powerful 695cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC, single-cylinder, designed for a wide torque curve with the smoothest power delivery via Electronic Fuel Injection.

An all-encompassed electronic 2WD/4WD/Differential Lock switch on the right hand control makes going in/out of 4WD or Diff Lock an easy process. Front and rear independent suspensions are calibrated with 11 inches of ground clearance and 10 inches of suspension travel to provide the ultimate trail cornering and handling.

2013 Arctic Cat TBX 700 XT Utility ATV - NEW For 2013

  • Available in Emerald Green Metallic painted bodywork,
  • 12-in. aluminum wheels
  • Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

  • Park in transmission with High, Low and Reverse

2013 Arctic Cat TBX 700 XT Utility ATV Leading Features

  • Hi/Lo-Range allows responsive acceleration and engine braking. Transmission also features start-ingear to get you going faster.

    Gauge displays up to 14 critical operation information indicators including: clock/hour meter, fuel level, mode button, set/reset button, odometer/trip, gear position, speedometer/tachometer, needle display, differential lock, drive select, high beam, battery condition, temperature and oil pressure.
  • 2-in. receiver allows the consumer to remove the hitch from their 2-in. automotive receiver and install it into the ATV's receiver hitch
  • Front SpeedRack has a 100-lb. rack capacity
  • Rear box has a 300-lb. capacity
  • Other premium features include zero-maintenance suspension bushings, sealed drive shafts, a large 6.5-gallon fuel tank and durable, full-length plastic skid plate.

Arctic Cat ATV Logo

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