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2012 Yamaha YFZ450R SE & Raptor 700R SE ATV

2012 Yamaha YFZ 450R SE & Raptor 700R SE ATV Glamis Ride
The 10th Annual Yamaha Special Edition ATVs Glamis Sand Dunes Ride

Glamis, CA (2/2/2012) - For the tenth year in a row, Yamaha has hosted a Special Edition sport ATV ride at the Glamis Imperial Sand Dunes in southern California, and for 2012, Yamaha once again released a special edition Raptor 700R SE and YFZ450R SE, which are a favorite among sport ATV enthusiast.

2012 Yamaha YFZ450R ATV Special Edition
2012 Yamaha Raptor 700R ATV Special Edition
2012 Yamaha YFZ450R SE
2012 Yamaha Raptor 700R SE

This is one event that we truly look forward to attending each year because the Yamaha crew really goes out of their way to make it a fun experience, and 2012 was no different as they arranged some for special guest to attend along with some fun activities and great food for our two day adventure out in Glamis, and we were very pleased to see the Camp Chef crew return to provide an array of delicious camping-inspired cuisine.

2012 Yamaha Raptor 700R ATV Special Edition
We arrived in Glamis on Tuesday morning, and once again Camp-N-Style rentals provided us with Weekend Warrior campers for our two night stay

This was the second year for the Camp Chef crew to be a part of the Yamaha SE press event, and we couldn’t have been happier because we knew we were in store for some great food that was cooked on their exceptional outdoor cooking gear. Camp Chef makes an incredibly wide line of outdoor cooking equipment, including grills, gas ovens, Dutch ovens and smokers to name a few. Their cooking gear is designed to be portable, yet built to last, which makes it perfect for taking camping, and Camp Chef’s Steve McGrath and Matt Anderson treated us to some delicious meals.
Camp Chef Outdoor Gas Cooking Products
Camp Chef Outdoor Gas Cooking Products
Camp Chef offers a complete line of propane outdoor cooking gear with some for everyone as their product line continues to expand. For 2012, Camp Chef brought their Yukon 60 Grill & Big Gas Grill III along with an Outdoor Camp Oven to serve everyone some incredible meals. For more details, be sure to check out

The Camp Chef crew also hosted a horse shoe tournament on our first night out in the dunes with an 18” Camp Chef smoke vault up for grabs, and we are excited to announce that’s own Harlen Foley won the tournament, and he can’t wait to use the smoke vault once it arrives back home in Maryland.

We were also joined by the Go Pro guys who were demonstrating their new HD Hero 2 cameras. Released in November, the HD Hero 2 offers plenty of cool features, but the new 11mega-pixel camera option and 60 frames per second video in 720P mode option really captured our attention, so we were eager to put the Hero 2 to the test on our ride, and we were pleasantly pleased with the image quality produced by such a small portable camera.

Go Pro HD Hero 2 Video Image Camera
Go Pro HD Hero 2 Video Image Camera
Go Pro provided everyone with the all-new HD Hero 2, which is one of the best helmet cameras on the market & they can be mounted almost anywhere on your machine or body to provide for some very unique recording angles. For more info visit

Also, Go Pro announced they are developing a Wi-Fi BacPac to view the photos and videos on your smart phone while out riding, so you can quickly check out your video footage or images and even share them with friends online before even leaving the trail, which is awesome.

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