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Nuclear Cowboyz Tour

2014 Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Motocross Show Review
ATV & Dirtbike Freestyle, Martial Arts, Dancing, Pyrotechnics & More

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Colten Moore & Marco Picado
Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Riders Colten Moore & Marco Picado
Indianapolis, IN (2/14/2014) - The Nuclear Cowboyz made their sixth stop of the Nuclear Cowboyz impressive 15-city Freestyle Motocross tour this past weekend in Indianapolis, IN. For 2014, the Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Motocross show once again out did themselves with an all-new story line, new riders, special effects and more.

In its fifth year running, the Nuclear Cowboyz Tour is one of the most action packed, gravity defying area-based shows in the world that keeps the audience on their edge of their seats for the entire two hour show. The Nuclear Cowboyz show features a powerhouse cast member list consisting of the best Freestyle riders in the world including X Games medalists and winners Colten Moore, Jeremy “Twitch” Steinberg, Mike Mason, Taka Higashino, Ronnie Faisst, Matt Buyten along with the talents of Derek Garland, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Nick Dunne, Brody Wilson, and three-year Nuclear Cowboyz ATV Freestyle rider Marco Picado.

Nuclear Cowboyz
The Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Motocross Show packed the house at Lucas Oil Stadum

Colten Moore, who started on ATVs and learned to ride snowmobiles to compete in the Winter X Games; recently retuned to the Nuclear Cowboyz tour after winning his first X Games Gold Metal in honor of his brother Caleb Moore.

Colten Moore - Yamaha YFZ450R
Colten Moore Won Winter X Games Gold in Snowmobile Freestyle just a few weeks ago in Aspen, CO

“It was the greatest feeling ever to win Gold at the X Games and go back there and get the win for my brother. I had high for myself to go there and do really good. It was great to go there and get gold and give it all to Caleb, it was the best thing I could as for,” explained Winter X Games Snowmobile Freestyle Gold Metal winner Colten Moore

In addition to Freestyle riders, the Nuclear Cowboyz show also incorporates martial arts by the Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors, and dancing that really ties the show all together into one choreographed ensemble of talent that is cued a soundtrack of fast passed heavy metal, dubstep and hip hop music and the largest indoor pyrotechnics show to date.

Nuclear Cowboyz
Nuclear Cowboyz
New for 2014, the Nuclear Cowboyz added the Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors

Shadow Beast - Yamaha YFZ450R
The Shadow Beast, Yamaha YFZ 450R, was lowered from the ceiling of Lucas Oil Stadium
“We are taking Nuclear Cowboyz to a whole new level in 2014 for the tour’s fifth anniversary,” said Juliette Feld, producer and executive vice president, Feld Entertainment. “For the first time ever, the show will feature incredible acts of athleticism and bravery from the Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors alongside an award-winning cast of world’s most decorated freestyle athletes defying the laws of physics. Together, they are taking what’s humanly possible to the limit.”

The show starts out with the Shockra Queen verse the Nuclear Cowboyz. It’s not just the usually portrayal of good vs. evil. The Shockra Queen has many tricks up her sleeve through out the show including the Shadow Beast ridden by Marco Picado.

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