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IXCR Racing Series

IXCR Racing Series

Another area of concern for every race series property and getting locations for the races:

"Another big issue is property zoning and unfortunately as we grow I think this will become an even bigger issue.  We have a lot of competition in this state so the word is spreading about cross country racing and its spreading fast.  We all have to work together to be sure we can all have places to race."

IXCR Racing Series
The IXCR Racing series is also popular among motorcycle racing scene

It wouldnt be a good interview if I didn't ask about the series goals for the future and Tim was all to happy to respond:

IXCR Trophies

"Our goal is to provide racers a place to come and compete where they can bring the family and enjoy a weekend outdoors.  We can all do things better no matter how good it is, it can always be done better.  We listen to our racers requests and try to accommodate as many of the requests as we can.  Our main goal is for everyone who comes out to leave anticipating our next event."

So what can you expect if you attend an IXCR event? Good racing and great company is the first things I picked up on. Even with great turn outs, the feel is small when it comes to the people. Friendly, eager to help and always there to lend a helping hand when needed. It is a great place to start racing at all ages and skill levels and offers solid competition for one to gauge themselves and prepare to take their racing to the next level.

The 2014 schedule is out and can be found at We hope you can give this fast growing, energetic and grounded series a shot as the season draws near!

IXCR Racing Series
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