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#3 Adam McGill -  Pro GNCC ATV Racer

Florida GNCC Pro ATV Racer Winter Training - #3 Adam McGill

#3 Adam McGill - Can-Am / Warnert Racing DS450 ATV
#3 Adam McGill -  Pro GNCC ATV Racer
Adam McGill is one of the fastest racers in the GNCC, as his number three plate for 2010 proves. And with his outgoing personality and outrageous sense of humor, McGill is also one of the most popular racers in the GNCC. Now after two years with KTM, McGill has made the switch to the Can-Am Warnert Racing Team, where he will be joining Chris Bithell for the 2010 season.

“I’ve been training on a stock DS450 XC and I can’t believe how well it handles. I can’t wait to get on the race bike and give it a try,” said McGill, who is looking smooth and faster than ever. “I feel really comfortable on the Can-Am and I think that this is going to be a really good season for me.”

McGill has also been enjoying his opportunity to get in a little cross training on the MX track. “You’re going at a really hard pace and it helps a lot with cornering speed,” said McGill, who could be one of Borich’s biggest competitors for the championship this season, but McGill stops short of making any predictions. “I’m just going to go out there and ride smart and try to be as consistent as possible,” he said.

Despite two successful seasons with KTM, McGill is looking forward to racing for the Can-Am Warnert team. “I’m really happy with the program that I have. Warnert and Can-Am are great to work with and they have great support and give us everything we need to be successful out on the track,” concluded McGill, who will surely be a regular on the podium for 2010.

#3 Adam McGill -  Pro GNCC ATV Racer
#3 Adam McGill -  Pro GNCC ATV Racer
#3 Adam McGill has been training in Florida with #1 Chris Borich & they may not be racing, but they still challenge and push each other around motocross track and in the woods


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