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All New 2012 Can-Am Outlander 1000 & Renegade 1000 Utility ATV

2012 Can-Am Outlander 1000 Utility ATV

2012 BRP Can-Am Outlander ATV Air Filter Box
2012 BRP Can-Am Outlander ATV Air Filter Box
Can-Am not only incorporated the new SST G2 frame on the Can-Am Outlander & Renegade but they also redesigned a-arm front suspension for improved handling

Other improvements made to the Renegade line for 2012 are redesigned a-arm front suspension with drive control geometry and 9-inches of travel. There is also a new air box design, new CVT transmission with an improved cover to keep out the elements, a new, more efficient radiator and a new exhaust system. The Renegade family also features a larger gas tank for 2012 for extended ride time between fueling.

2012 BRP Can-Am Outlander ATV Air Filter Box
2012 BRP Can-Am Outlander ATV Air Filter Box
Can-Am added a new CVT Transmission with an improved cover
A new Air Box design was added to help fuel the 82 horse power machine

The Renegade family has also introduced a new X and XC package for both the 800 and 1000 models for 2012, that features fully adjustable, Fox Racing Podium X shocks for even better handling, Tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) for effortless steering even in the roughest terrain. All DPS units also come equipped with Visco-Lok QE front differential that gives even quicker engagement to the front differential. It also progressively transfers power from a slipping front wheel to a gripping one automatically with no buttons to push or levers to pull. The system also locks up to 100 percent with no rev or speed limiter with no wheel hop or drive line wind up.

2012 BRP Can-Am Outlander ATV
2012 BRP Can-Am Outlander ATV
Can-Am's Tri- Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) gives the Outlander & Renegade even better handling
All DPS ATVs come standard with Visco-Lok QE front differential that helps give the ATV better traction over obstacles

12-inch aluminum bead lock wheels are included with the X and XC editions as well as aluminum skid plates for added protection. Aluminum handlebars are also standard with handlebar wind deflectors. All X and XC models are equipped with an X-package seat cover and X and XC models specific graphics for a more aggressive look.

2012 BRP Can-Am Outlander ATV  D.E.S.S.
Both the Outlander & the Renegade feature Digitally Encoded Security System that allows the ATV to operate at different speeds & acceleration
The Renegade family includes Can-Am’s Digitally Encoded Security System, the only factory installed anti-theft system in the industry that uses electronic key codes unique to each machine. Two keys are included with each model. The performance key allows the ATV to operate at maximum performance while the normal key limits acceleration and top speed of the machine.

While the Renegade is the pinnacle of sport utility performance, the Outlander family, which is known more as a recreational utility machine, has enjoyed many of the same upgrades as the Renegade family for 2012 and has included an all new models as well.

The Outlander family has expanded for 2012 to include a new Outlander 1000 model, which is equipped with the same 976cc V-twin engine as the Renegade 1000. Both Outlander 800R and 1000 have many new features including a newly designed frame to maximize power to weight ratios while improving ergonomics, handling and durability.

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