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Team 13 Racing

Nicole Lenz Forms Team13 Foundation for Youth ATV

Deforest, WI (3/22/2018) – In honor of her late son Kyler Lenz, Nicole Lenz announced she has formed the Team13 Foundation to support youth racers in the AMA ATV Motocross National Championship. The foundation’s goal is to support young racers and bring more awareness to safety gear.

After losing their son in a racing incident last season, Kevin and Nicole Lenz wanted to do something to honor him. Youth racing is a huge part of the family’s life, and they wanted to continue that while giving back to the sport Kyler loved.

“Kyler really enjoyed his time at the track and he always seemed to have other kids gravitate toward him, so we wanted to try to continue that in his honor to help other kids,” said Nicole Lenz.“We got together with our sponsors: Bell Helmets, Fly Racing and JSRMotodesigns and raised money on our own to help kids in the sport. We will give a free Bell helmet, set of Fly gear, Team13 shirts and sweatshirts as well as $500 to each rider to help parents defer the costs of running Nationals.”

The foundation will be helping six riders this year in honor of Kyler. Nicole said the sense of inclusion, friendship and kinship is what drew her son to racing. She wanted to ensure those experiences could be shared with future youth racers.

“When he found racing, he was easily accepted and that meant a lot to us,” said Nicole Lenz. “The kids he hung out with during the race weekends made him feel like one of the cool kids. Kids are not left out at the track; they are all together. After his accident, we knew we wanted to continue with the sport. We also wanted to let other kids experience the kind of inclusion and friendship that Kyler experienced.”

Look for Team13 at all of this year’s AMA ATV Motocross National Championship races.

Team 13 Roster

Ben Berger #75 B Class
Nick Vallone #81 C Class
Corey Osborne #19 Schoolboy Sr and Supermini
Hayle Goff #5H Schoolgirl Sr and Youth All Star
Bruce Capen #111 90 Class
Caden Deran #7M 90 Jr Class

Team 13 Racing

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