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Paul O’Brien Podiums at Wheatland LOORRS
LOORRS • Rounds 4 & 5Lucas Oil Speedway UTV Race Report

Glendale, AZ (6/28/2018) - Paul O’Brien scored a runner-up finish during the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series event at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO. O’Brien was driving a Can-Am Maverick X3 in the Turbo UTV class.

Paul O'Brien Lucas Oil Off Road Racing
Weller Racing's Paul O'Brien scored a 2nd Place finish at the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series on Saturday in the Turbo UTV class

The event was held on what O’Brien dubbed a real driver’s track. The 1.2-mile circuit features nine turns—including sweepers and hairpins—whoops and a huge tabletop jump on the backstretch. The doubleheader event featured drivers from both the East and West Coast in what was the largest Turbo field yet this season.

In Saturday’s race, O’Brien started 10th, but consistently made it to the front. Then, on the final lap, he took second from his Weller Racing teammate Cory Weller. The podium, along with a sixth-place effort in the mud on Sunday, puts him first in points.

Paul O'Brien Lucas Oil Off Road Racing

“I was behind in qualifying so I knew it would be an interesting race,” said O’Brien. “I knew I had to put my head down, avoid the carnage, and slowly work my way forward. Toward the end, a couple of guys went out and I made some good passes. It made for a good race and I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. I got a good gift with the caution right at the end.”

O’Brien is a competitor in every sense of the word. He enjoyed racing drivers from the Midwest because they forced him to step up his game.

“It was exciting to race against the Midwest guys,” said O’Brien. “It helps all of us get faster and it’s a good thing. A good driver is a good driver, whether on the West Coast or the East Coast. They race different disciplines like the woods and we have our desert. Bring it together and it’s a neat combination.”

Paul O'Brien Lucas Oil Off Road Racing

The big tabletop jump spanned nearly 200 feet from peak to peak. O’Brien got past the intimidation factor of the huge jump and used it to his advantage during the races. His Can-Am was more than up to the challenge.

“You come up to a wall of dirt and can’t see the other side, so that’s pretty intimidating,” said O’Brien. “But once I got over it, everything was good. The Can-Am is a great car right out of the box. I also have to take my hat off to my wife. She’s never really been around racing before and she’s my spotter.”

O’Brien will be back in action when the Lucas Oil Series heads back west to Sparks, NV July 21. The event is being held at Wild West Motorsports Park.

Special thanks to Paul O’Brien’s 2018 Sponsors:
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Weller Racing

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