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Hunter Miller Podiums in Maverick X3 GNCC Debut
Hunter Miller's Big Buck GNCC Pro XC1 UTV Race Report

Greenville, TX (2/28/2018) – Can Am/Maxxis/Elka’s Hunter Miller debuted his brand new Can-Am Maverick X3 at the opening round of the 2018 GNCC Championship series. Racing took place at the VP Racing Fuels Big Buck Farm in Union, SC where Miller put up a hard fight for third place finish in the XC1 class.

Miller had nothing but praises for his new Maverick X3’s performance. “It’s pretty much the best thing I’ve ever driven, that’s for sure. The original Can-Am was a four year-old platform, and we were petty much maxed out with what we could do. The X3 is brand new. It is a lot tougher and faster,” explained Miller.

Hunter Miller GNCC UTV Racing

Although Miller started on a brand new machine, he was so pleased with his former sponsors that he kept them mostly the same for the 2018 season. Miller continues to run Elka Suspension with the help of George White with Double E for fine-tuning, Maxxis Tires, and HMF exhaust. “I wanted to stay with some sponsors I was familiar with,” said Miller.

Miller explained that the Elka suspension is great as it is, but the fine-tuning from George White takes it to another level. “Elka has a good base, but George made it even better.”

Hunter Miller GNCC UTV Racing

As for the Maxxis tires, Miller ran the Bighorn 2.0’s, but plans to test with the 3.0’s soon. Another vital piece to Miller’s successful program was his co-driver, Adam McGill. “I’m happy to have him and looking forward to having him back in the car,” stated Miller.

Miller’s Maxxis/Elka/HMF Can-Am shot off to a great start in second place when the race began. From there, he had quite a battle complicated with lappers and tough track conditions. Miller eventually moved into the physical lead, and was looking to stay there, but a run in with a lapper left him without power steering for the last part of the race. “A lapper flipped in front of me, I hit him pretty hard and knocked out my power steering. It was pretty tough running without it,” explained Miller.

With the disadvantaged steering, Miller fell back slightly to finish the race third. “It was a great start to the season, I feel like I’m in a good spot,” stated Miller.

The next round of the 2018 GNCC Championship will move to Palatka, FL on March 10-11 at the Moose Racing Wild Boar. Miller is looking forward to the second round where he believes his Can-Am Maverick will really shine in the notoriously rough conditions.

Hunter Miller 2018 sponsors:
Can-Am, DWT, Maxxis, S3 Powersports, SSI Decals, Louis Powersports, HMF Exhaust, Hess Motorsports, Evans Coolants, Keller Balljoints, Tireballs, Gates, Evolution Motorsports, Factory UTV, Sparco, ELKA, Double E Racing, TiLube, EKS Brand Goggles, DP Brakes


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