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CST Tires
CST’s Beau Baron Has Near Perfect Weekend at Iron Mine WORCS

Atascadero, CA (6/4/2018) - CST’s Beau Baron won the Pro ATV race and the SXS Pro Stock event, as well as finishing second in the SXS Pro race during the WORCS Series weekend at Iron Mine Race Park in Cedar City, UT. Teammate Mitch Anderson finished third in the Pro 2 motorcycle race, extending his points lead.

Beau Baron WORCS SXS Racing
CST's Beau Baron secured both the Pro Stock & Pro ATV Win at Iron Mine Race Park, which has him leading the points in both classes heading into the Summer Break

Baron decided he was going to go into WORCS annual summer break with momentum and he showed it. In the Pro ATV race, he overcame miscommunication at the start to ride from last to first. His second consecutive victory hands him the points lead.

“I was trying to get everyone to shut off their engines and the next thing you know he throws the flag,” said Baron of the failed dead engine start. “I threw my hand out going down the straightaway and he didn’t bat an eye so I started racing. I started picking guys off on the first lap. Eventually I ended up in the lead. I just tried to stay consistent and hold off Sloan for the win.”

Beau Baron WORCS ATV Racing

His Honda was outfitted with a new set of CST tires, as well as Elka shocks. Doug Roll got Baron’s suspension tuned to perfection in practice.

“I was running the CST Pulse HTs in the rear and the new HTs in the front,” explained Baron. “With the hard pack and slick conditions, the tires work so well that you can rail the berm or slide around the inside and have the same amount of momentum. Doug Roll and I got my shocks set in practice. I can’t thank Elka enough.”

Beau Baron WORCS SXS Racing

After difficulties in the last two SXS Pro races, Baron rebounded big time here. After starting last, he muscled his way to the front and finished second. In SXS Pro Stock, Baron took the lead on the first lap and held it from there. His second victory in the class allowed him to extend his points lead. Elka and CST again proved their worth in his competitive runs.

“The Elka suspension was awesome; Doug Roll nailed it for this track,” said Baron. “The CST Tires worked great. I switched to a 29-inch tire in practice and my car was bicycling. I switched back to the 28-inch tires for the race and that was the right move.”

Beau Baron WORCS SXS Racing

While the Stock class doesn’t allow many modifications, it does allow for tuning and clutching changes. Baron said Sparks Performance Products had his Polaris running strong out of the corners, which gave him a distinct advantage.

“Sparks does a great job with the clutching,” said Baron. “My car would only go 50 miles per hour down the back straightway, but it was so fast out of the corners. That’s what I needed to make sure I was in the front when we hit the high speed

In the Pro 2 Motorcycle race, Anderson rode his KTM to his fifth podium of the season in as many races. The effort allowed him to extend his points lead going into the break.

“I was fighting the mental battle at the halfway point so I pitted and pinned it from there,” said Anderson. “I was closing in on the second and the leader at the end. We’ll take a podium, but we’re fighting for more. I know I’m capable of more.”

Anderson again relied on the longevity and grip provided by his CST Tires. Iron Mine features a concrete starting pad, and the tires hooked up right from the start, through the hard pack and to the finish.

“The CST Tires worked great off the concrete start,” said Anderson. “I went with the Legion MXVI and they excelled in the hard pack out here. The side bite works really well.”

Baron and Anderson will return to WORCS competition at its next race, scheduled for September 14-16 at Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, CA.

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CST Tires

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