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H&M Motorsports

H&M Motorsports Racers Win at Quad X & National Hare & Hound
David Haagsma Wins Quad X Pro ATV & SxS & Beau Baron Wins NHHA

Bakersfield, CA (1/29/2015) - H&M Motorsports’ David Haagsma and Beau Baron had winning weekends at the STI Quad X series where Haagsma took the win in both the Pro ATV & SxS Classes and at the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship where Baron claimed the victory.

David Haagsma, who attended a few rounds of the Quad X series last year, will be running the entire series for 2015. The series has been shortened to just five rounds for this year. “None of the rounds conflict with WORCS so I am going to all of the rounds and go for a championship,” said Haagsma.

For David Haagsma’s first moto of the season, he was last off the start, but that didn’t matter much as he charged his way through traffic and took an early lead at Glen Helen Raceway. “I didn’t get a great start but I worked my way up and took the lead and the win,” said Haagsma of his first Quad X Pro moto.

For moto two, Haagsma had a much better start.  “In moto two, my Maxxis tires hooked up and I got the holeshot. After that I just checked out and took the win,” said Haagsma.

Haagsma’s 1-1 finishes have put him in the early points lead and given him a great start in his quest for the 2015 Quad X Pro Championship. “I can’t thank all of my sponsors enough; H&M, Maxxis, Elka, Roll Design. They have helped me get a good program together and I want to give them a championship in return,” said Haagsma. 

David Haagsma has also stepped up his SxS racing for 2015 and showed he has what it takes to go for a championship. Haagsma was in fourth off the start in the SxS Pro class and was in a heated 3-way battle for the lead. “We were all battling and then the leader spun out and I got stuck behind him and ended up finishing third for the first moto,” explained Haagsma.

For the second SxS moto, Haagsma was ready for action and grabbed the holeshot. Haagsma led the second moto from start to finish, taking the moto two win and the overall win for the day. “It was fun for me. It was non-stop all day since I was racing both the SxS and ATV classes. I have to thank Cognito Motorsports, Fox, Sparks and Method wheels. The RZR handled great and had plenty of power out there. I am really looking forward to the next round and hopefully winning a championship in the SxS class as well,” said Haagsma.

While David Haagsma was chasing a championship at the Quad X series at Glen Helen, his teammate Beau Baron was doing much the same at the 2015 AMA National Hare and Hound Championship.

The AMA National Hare and Hound series was established in 1986 and has matured into one of the toughest desert race series’ in the west. For 2015 Maxxis/H&M Motorsports’ Beau Baron decided to tackle the series head on and came out on top for the first round in Lucerne Valley, CA.

Baron was in the number three spot off the dead engine start as the field of riders made their way across the “Bomb Run” section of the course. “The start is a little different. The start is about 150’ wide and everyone lines up and goes as fast as they can across the desert, the bomb run, for about a half mile to where it funnels into the actual course. It can be pretty intense, but my Sparks engine had lots of power to give me a good start and strong the whole race,” explained Baron.

Beau Baron didn’t waste any time and began to pick off the competition right away and took over the lead in the first five minutes of the 40 mile race, but fell back to second. “It is definitely different than WORCS. There isn’t really a course or track to follow; you are just chasing flag markers. It was really dusty, so it was hard to see and there were a lot of rocks so it got kind of sketchy in some spots, but my Maxxis Tires, and Tire Blocks and Elka/Roll Design suspension worked awesome out there,” said Baron.

“I took the lead in one of the more technical spots and we got to an open area, and then I got passed. It was so dusty I couldn’t see to get by, and I fell back a bit. I came around the corner and the leader had crashed. I stopped to see if he was ok, and he was, so I took off again and got the win,” Baron added.

The next stop for the H&M Motorsports team will be at Buffalo Bill’s in Primm, NV on February 6-8 for round number two of the 2015 WORCS series where David Haagsma and Beau Baron will once again be going for the win.

2015 H&M Motorsports Race Team Sponsors:
Maxxis, H&P Dairy, Haagsma Farms, Sparks Racing, Elka Suspension, ROLL Design, Impact Solutions, DWT, IMS Products, FLY Racing, Tire Blocks, X-Brand Goggles, Leatt, Works Connection, K&N Filters, Gaerne Boots, Cognito Motorsports, Method Race Wheels. Hinson Racing, FASST Co., Sunstar Sprockets,, Precision Stabilizers, DVS Shoes, RPM Dominator Axles, Maxima, Galfer USA, Lusardi Motorsports, Baldwin Motorsports, Fourwerx Carbon, ODI Grips, Finish Line Signs, The Winning Team (Dye Fusion Apparel), CV4 Products & TCS Motorsports.

H&M Motorsports

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