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H&M Motorsports

H&M Motorsports’ Dominate Quad-X Pro ATV & SxS
David Haagsma Wins Pro SxS, Beau Baron Wins Pro ATV

Bakersfield, CA (5/8/2015) - H&M Motorsports’ Beau Baron took the overall win in the Pro ATV class at round three of the 2015 STI Quad X series at Glen Helen while his teammate David Haagsma claimed his third straight win in the Pro SxS class.

Conditions were typical for Glen Helen with a dry and rough course, but that didn’t matter for Beau Baron as he came off the start in second in the first moto behind his teammate David Haagsma. “David got the holeshot, and I was right there. We were really close and towards the end a couple of guys crashed, and they gave us the red and checkered flag at the same time, so I got second in that moto,” said Baron.

For moto two, Baron grabbed the holeshot with Haagsma right on his grab bar. The pair battled and Haagsma went outside and took the lead. Baron fought back and went on the inside and made the pass. “I went inside and there wasn’t a lot of room, and we kind of got together and David spun out. He got going again right away, but I was able to stay ahead and got the win. It’s been a while since I raced Quad X, so I’m actually pretty excited to come back and get a win,” said Baron, who’s 2-1 finishes gave him the overall.

David Haagsma, who is the Pro ATV points leader, grabbed the moto one holeshot and held his lead from start to finish. In the second moto, Haagsma had a battle on his hands. “Beau got the holeshot, and I was right behind him. We were going at it pretty good, and I got around him and he went to get me back and went inside, and we connected. It spun me out, but I was able to get going again right away,” said Haagsma, who ended his moto in second and overall in second as well.

David Haagsma has been the dominant racer in the Pro SxS class and continued his winning streak after taking both moto wins and the overall. “I had two good motos and was able to get the overall again. It feels good to be in the points lead and it’s also good getting in some extra seat time between the WORCS races,” said Haagsma.

Beau Baron also raced the Pro SxS class and even after having a few issues in a basically stock machine, he still finished in the top five. “I had my wife’s car and it’s bone stock and I had a couple issues, but it was still fun out there,” said Baron.

Round four of the 2015 STI Quad X series will be held at Glen Helen in San Bernardino, CA on June 27th, where David Haagsma will be trying to continue his winning streak.

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H&M Motorsports

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